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Shelandra Y. Ford
Historical Markers of Shelby County

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Christopher Columbus Park

This park is dedicated in honor of the Italian American Community of Memphis and to their contribution to the heritage and growth of the city. The park was made possible through the generosity of those listed below. Thomas and Lena Accardi Pete and Rosa Alfonso Gasper A. and Liza B. Angeletti Pete and Jennie Aviotti Frank and Rose Baioni Rehim and Lydia Baksoglu Anthony S. and Ida Barboro Fred and Christine L. Barrasso Louis J. and Gloria J. Barsotti Alex F. Barzizza, Sr. Joseph Aldo and Katherine Barzizza Joe and Kaye Belenchia Paul F. Bisceglia Antonio and Deanna Bologna Orazio and Anita Bomprezzi Terzino A. and Ida A. Bomprezzi J.R. Buchignani C. Lawrence And Agnes W. Bursi, Jr. Louis and Theresa Bursi Frank and Annette Burt John D. and Peggy Canale Joe and Della Canepari Joe and Lillian Cara Paul and Mildred Cardone Edward J. and Hazel Cardosi, Jr. Lawrence and Billie Carimi Joseph and Genevieve Carrone Joseph E. and Anita Cavataio Pio and Fulia Chiochetti Louis P. and Caterine L. Chiozza, Sr. Mario and Anna Chiozza Mike and Lebora Cianciolo Dominic and Jennie Coda Emil and Candida C. Coletta Fernando and Dorothy C. Coletta Gabriel and Frances Coletta Horest J. and Laverne C. Coletta Robert and Cloti D. Coletta Joseph and Theresa Cuoghi Antonio and Rosaria Dagastino Domenick Anthony and Marie Dagastino Mario and Mildred Dagastino Donato and Victoria Dambro Guelfo and Mary Debandi Alfonso and Mary Destefanis Mike and Lena Dicicco Don and Dorothy Dino Sam and Sylvia Dino Donald and Wanda Donati William and Edith Donati Frank and May Donofrio Albert John Facelli Antionio and Anna Facelli Peter and Serafina Facelli Jerone and Mary Franceschini Louis and Elizabeth Franceschini, Jr. Louis and Ida Franceschini, Sr. Robert and Mary Franceschini Vito N. and Frances Frangione Giuseppe and Katie Gagliano Ralph M. and Lucille G. Gagliano Tony and Ann Gagliano Henry and Dina B. Galtelli Frank J. and Martha A. Gattuso, Sr. Joseph F. and Jean Giaccaglini Peter and Giuliva Giannini Charlie and Teresa Giordano Charles and Alice Goggio Frank and Adelaide Goggio Elfo and Frances Grisanti Rinaldo and Mary Grisanti Rinaldo E. and Kay Grisanti Joseph and Josephine Guidotti Anselmo and Rosa Leone Louis and Nell Lingua Angelo and Cecilia Lucchesi Anthony and Mary B. Lucchesi Eugene and Angelina M. Lucchesi, Sr. John F. and Cecelia M. Lucchesi, Sr. Joseph and Josephine Lucchesi, Sr. Silvio and Wilma Lucchesi, Sr. Silvio R. and Suzanne Lucchesi William and Jane Lucchesi Joseph and Amelia Mangiante John D. (Danny) Martini, Jr. Raolo and Evelyn Marus Alex and Mary Masserano Frank and Rosa Melgara Celso and Adele M. Mezzetti Steve Migliara Joe and Gloria Montesi John and Londena Montesi Robert E. and Victoria K. Montesi Ernest and Theresa F. Moretta Dominick and Beverly Musarra Gerardo and Marie Neri Marcello and Cesarina B. Novarese Nello and Josephine Pacini John and Josephine Palazola, Sr. Walter and Angelina Palazola Richard and Nancy Palmere Frank P. and Betty A. Palumbo Giacomo and Antonina Paratore Nathan and Prudentia Pera Aleandro and Angiolina Pieraccini Umbert and Ameera Pierini Henry and Maria Pieroni Harry C. and Alma Pierotti Horace and Agnes B. Pierotti Leonard and Emma Jean Pierotti Richard and Connie Pierotti Joseph M. and Rita Radogna Regolo and Siria Raffanti Fred and Maria Ragghianti John and Seconda Raiteri Joe and Dixie Reitano Alphonso and Rosa Rivalto Jay and Barbara Robilio John and Jennie Robilio John S. and Jennie Robilio Fausto and Josie Sabatini Frank and Margaret Sampietro John and Mary Sampietro Pete and Madelyn Sampietro Sam and Louise Sarno, Sr. John G. and Lorraine M. Scatamacchia Peter and Karen Scatamacchia Joseph S. and Thelma P. Signaigo Baldo and Lina Sodini Leno and Dorothy Sodini Milo and Eleanor Solomito Frank and Marie Spinosa Joseph and Lola Marie Talarico Don and Cathy Tillilie Joseph and Helen Tiscia William Vanelli Angelina Vescovi John and Catherina Viglietti Steve Migliara Peter and Serafina Zenola Paul Zerilla Phil Zerilla Memphis Chapter of UNICO National and The City of Memphis Richard C Hackett, Mayor Plaque On The Statue Christopher Columbus 12 October 1987 By Archimedes A. Giacomantonio 1906 - Columbus, Seafaring Adventurer, is Portrayed in a pose of sighting land. His face seems to express discovery, That Of America. Terra! Terra!