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Shelandra Y. Ford
Historical Markers of Shelby County

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Memphis Fire Museum

This site had been, from 1837 to 1911, fire headquarters of the town's earlier Engine House No. I. In those 74 years our chief fire center had gone from loyal volunteer ownership, ending in 1860, to a paid city-operated agency as it remains today. This Engine House Number One was built in 1910 with a two-story stone fašade, two large arched entries between square smooth Tuscan pilasters and exaggerated keystones at doors and windows. The north wall at the entrance is a bronze frieze of working firemen. "... he came to his death while in the faithful discharge of his duty as a fireman." Peter Meath Otto R. Rahm Jr Edward Leonard Robert W. Fortune Charles B. Davis George L. Brister Peter McManus Marvin H. Siler Frank C Harvey Taylor S. Pickett William Cox Michael W. O'Neill Joseph Hiskey Daniel H. Dooley Jr. William Nelson Roger W. Fitch Henry Brown Charles P. Bolton Thomas Meredith Vernon L. Knight Frank Campagna Martiniano R. Lerma James W. Doyle Henry A. Rutledge John A. Sullivan Donald W. King Oscar F. Stell Charles H. Vinson Henry Brenner Jimmy R. Kennedy Ralph C. Pierce Milton A. Densford Robert H. Alexander Bobby G. Blackley James B. Faulkenberry James D. Hill Wix J. Fowler Joseph A. Boswell William C. Kavanaugh William E. Bridges Clifford Perryman Michael L. Mathis Perry A. Gillespie William Blakemore Earl Vanderford Jauier Lerma Miles Mason John Joseph Giardina