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Shelandra Y. Ford
Historical Markers of Shelby County

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Tom Brooks Park

Herbert Thomas Brooks served in community leadership roles for over 50 years. His leadership and vision affected almost every facet of the community and can be seen in the physical beauty of Collierville's landscape as well as the design of buildings, roads and parks. His influence also shaped the growth and development of schools throughout Shelby County. A pharmacist by trade, Mr. Tom owned and operated a local drug store for years, where he took personal interest in the health and well being of children and the elderly. He married Kelsey Jones, an influential Collierville native in her own right, and raised two daughters, Watson Brooks Hall and Amy Brooks. Their lifelong home is just a few blocks from here. Mr. Tom is a proud graduate of his beloved University of Tennessee with a degree from the College of Pharmacy in 1953. Tom Brooks served on the Planning Commission from 1959 to 1999. Elected Alderman in 1974, he served as Vice-Mayor from 1978 until 1999. He served on the Shelby County Board of Education for eight years. Mr. Brooks is a member of Collierville United Methodist Church and served in numerous civic and professional organizations. The recipient of numerous honors, he is most proud of the C.H. Harrell Award for Education, and the community's highest honor, the Collierville Person of the Year. To honor his years of devotion and contributions to the community, In 2009 the Town dedicated this space "Tom Brooks Park." This gathering place reflects the qualities of Tom's life and charter as a place where friends gather to share stories, offer support and build upon lifelong friendships. It is fitting that such a place was chosen to honor those qualities of Tom Brooks so that future generations may know and enjoy "Mr. Tom's Park."