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Shelandra Y. Ford
Historical Markers of Shelby County

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E.W. Hale, Sr. (Jan 4, 1875 - Dec. 16, 1959)

Elected magistrate of the 12th District of the Shelby County Court in 1906, Whitehaven merchant E.W. Hale, Sr. received an appointment as one of the first county commissioners in 1911 from E.H. Crump. Elected to the County Commission in 1912, Hale served as its chairman from 1922 to 1955, resigning because of poor health. In 1906 Hale was instrumental in having the county government changed to a commission form of government. Hale is best remembered for his idea for a county penal farm which began in 1928. Self-supporting, the farm became a model for the nation. Hale was also a strong supporter of good roads and he championed education.