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Shelandra Y. Ford
Historical Markers of Shelby County

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Court Square Fountain

Electric illumination in memorial of Thomas A. Edison. Sponsored by the Good Earth Garden Club. Mrs. P. Avila McPhillips, President, May, 1949. Restoration and illumination of this fountain by Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division, City of Memphis, 1949. This Fountain Erected A.D. 1876 And Donated To The City Of Memphis May 28,A.D. 1876 By James Elder With The Aid And Assistance Of The Following Persons S.C. Toof Jno. E. Randell John Gaston Schoolfield Hanauer & Co Randle, Heath and Livermore , Wm. A. Williamson , H.B. Plant, President, Southern Express Co Jones, Brown & Co Noland Fontaine Bronson Baylis Meredith Yates A. Vaccaro Nathan Adams Geo. H. & Theo. W. Holst Thomas H. Allen Estes Fizer & Co John Overton F.H. Cossitt, N.Y. Elias Lowenstein J.C. Neely S.R. Clarke Mitchell Hoffman & Company B. Lowenstein & Bros A.D. Gwynne O.H.P. Piper S.H. Brooks G.C. Bethel R.D. Daniel C.B. Church Thad S. Ely H.M. James F.S. Davis S.H. Dunscomb G. Falls Thomas Boyle Jno. T. Farguson Madame Vincent J.F. Frank & Co Humes & Poston James B. Cook, Architect Contributors, Material Transportation and Labor Star Union Line M.& C. R.R. Co Memphis City Transfer Thos. R. Farnsworth R.A. Parker Browne, The Plumber A.F. Davis, Painter H. Lemmon, Mason Memphis Daily News Jno. T. Flynn, L & N Railroad Co Ingleton, Alabama Limestone Quarry T.L. Fossick & Co G.W. Cheek R.L. Cochran Wm. H. Wood Oddfellows Hall & Library Association S. Mansfield & Co Christian Brothers Band Plumbing By J.W.X. Browne 1876 W.L. Cameron S.J. Murray, Civil Engineer Robinson Iron Corp Jno. M. Lea, Nashville, Tenn Jno. B. Leech, Liverpool, England