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Shelandra Y. Ford
Historical Markers of Shelby County

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Confederate Soldiers Memorial

To those who gave so much to their cause during the great conflict. Brave men lie beneath this ground; some in mass graves near the battlefields where they fell, some in lonely unmarked graves, and some in untended cemeteries across the south. The fifty-seven we honor here made Collierville their home. Most of these men were members of the Wigfall Gray's Company that was formed in this community and who returned after the war to become valued citizens. One is an unknown Confederate soldier who fell here during the Battle of Collierville. These men campaigned far from home against an overwhelming invading army. These southern patriots exhibited indomitable spirit and honor, surviving in defeat despite a vindictive occupying force which plundered their property and stole their suffrage. May their deeds, service, and sacrifice never be forgotten. Sleep sweetly in your humble graves, Heroes who died in your tattered gray Yours is a deathless fame For honor never dies. (over) Confederate Soldiers Buried Here W. M. Alexander William Allbright Thomas Alley Adelphus Applewhite William Thomas Atkinson James Thomas Biggs Boyd Clay Bledsoe John W. Brown Merritt R. Brown William J. Brown William H. Bruton Dr. John W. Buchanan Wiley T. Cargill Thomas H. Carruthers Gus H. Crewdson James R. Delauney John F. Dudney, Sr. James Baxter Fisher James Henry Fisher Joseph L. Granberry Richard Robert Hall Hezekiah Summerfield Halley John Washington Halley Delos A. Harrell Madison W. Harris J. M. Harris John A. Holden Frank M. Hughes James W. V. Hughes John P. Humphreys William C. Jenkins, Jr. John Thomas Joyner James Watson Kelsey Felix Kirk Dr. Benjamin W. Lauderdale J. H. Mangum John G. McCalla Thomas Theodore McDonald John S. McFerrin Melvin S. McFerrin Thad D. Morris Thomas Jefferson Morris John R. Norfleet William T. Pate Colin P. Person, Jr. W. T. Price George R. Scott Charles T. Smith Nathan W. Smith George W. Stamps Albert Suggs Thomas L. Taylor John H. Walker Dr. A. Webb Joseph H. Williams Robert N. J. Wilson Unknown Confederate Soldier