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Shelandra Y. Ford
Historical Markers of Shelby County

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Woodstock Community Veterans Memorial

Erected in memory of Professor and Mrs. R.L. Roddy In Honor Of Archie, Roosevelt Booth, Edward Booth, Eddie L. Boyd, Wilbert Bradford, Leroy Brooks, Beatral Brooks, Ofair Bryant, Nathaniel Campbell, Jeff J. Carter, Larry Carter, Leroy Carter, Marcell Coleman, Abraham Dotstry, George Dotstry, Rozell Edington, Willie D. Frieson, Lois Goodman, Joe N. Gordon, George B. Graham, Ary Lee Hall, Willie L. Harding, Jessie E. Harding, James E. Herring, D.D. Henry, Cephas Hubbard, Earl Hubbard, James Jones, Shawuna E. Jones, Iverson Johnson, Oscar L. Jordan, Jimmy Long, Marcellus Long, Jessie Long, R.J. Matthews, Sherman McLemore, Ernest McLemore, Roy J. Mabon, Charlie Mabon, Oliver Mallory, Clifford Massey, Edison Massey, Jim B. Neely, Lindsey Neely, Calvin Neely, Eddie Neely, Willie Nelson, Otis Nesbit, Bennie Parks, Marshall Pearson, Arthur Phillips, James Pullen, Charlie Pullen, Joe Ransom, O.D. Ransom, Eddie Ransom, Willie R. V. Ransom, Charlie Ransom, Verdie M. Reeder, James A. Retherford, Charles Retherford, Carl J. Retherford, Jimmy L. Rhodes, Walter Rix, James E. Roberson, Richard B. Smith, Morgan Smith, Caldwell J. Smith, John Smith, James Smith, Sam Smith, R. G. Smith, Arnell Smith, Carnell Smith, Morris Scott, Clarence Stanley, Betty Joe Truesdale, Virgil W. Thomas, Leeroy Threlkeld, Anthony Threlkeld, Eddie D. Threlkeld, Otis Threlkeld, Malcom Ward, Sidney Ward, James T. Watson, Paul Watson, James L. Watson, Johnny Watson, William E. Williams, Otis Williams, Robert L. Williams, Clarence Williams, Steve Woodard, Letro Yancy, Willie J. Designed and Organized By Rev. Otis Williams, Sept. 1992 (back) Atwater, Sammie L. Bonds, Lawrence Boyd, Home Cox, Arnell Danill Gray, Christopher C. ray, Christopher C. Jr. Gray, Anita F. Gray, Calvin D. Gray, Earnest Gray, Shelbie Johnson, Earnest G. Johnson, Marshall H. Johnson, Herman L. Mebane, Robert F. Neely, Rochester Patterson, Linzo Saddler, Clurease Smith, James K. Tate, Leonard Ward, Sylveste Yancey, Artheygene