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Shelandra Y. Ford

Court Records 1

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Record Name Pages Document Date Image
Ray-Galt Warrant 1 4/17/1968 TIFF PDF
Indictment for murder 6 5/7/1968 TIFF PDF
Ray Indictment for Carrying Weapon 2 5/17/1968 TIFF PDF
Petition for International Extradition 6 6/10/1968 TIFF PDF
Jail Arraignment for Ray 2 7/22/1968 TIFF PDF
Trial Press Gag Order 14 7/30/1968 TIFF PDF
Defense Motion to Produce Evidence 3 8/16/1968 TIFF PDF
Summons of Witnesses to Trial 11 9/3/1968 TIFF PDF
Defense Complaint of Lack of Witness Cooperation 9 9/6/1968 TIFF PDF
Order Allowing Defense Access to Evidence 2 9/18/1968 TIFF PDF
Petition to Remove Lights and Camera from Jail 4 9/25/1968 TIFF PDF
List of Media Allowed in Courtroom 3 10/14/1968 TIFF PDF
Trial Proceedings 26 11/12/1968 TIFF PDF
Ray Request for New Counsel 5 11/12/1968 TIFF PDF
Court Order Allowing Ray to Change Counsel 3 11/12/1968 TIFF PDF
Order Denying Petition to Remove Lights and Cameras from Jail 2 11/22/1968 TIFF PDF
Order for Courtroom Procedures 3 1/13/1969 TIFF PDF
Ray Request for Return of Personal Property 1 3/7/1969 TIFF PDF
Ray Guilty Plea 3-10-1969 18 3/10/1969 TIFF PDF
Trial Waiver and Guilty Plea 10 3/10/1969 TIFF PDF
Order Withdrawing Items from Evidence and Allowing Return to Defendant 4 3/11/1969 TIFF PDF
Ray Statement that Current Counsel No Longer Represents Him 1 3/13/1969 TIFF PDF
Ray Statement Request for New Counsel 2 3/26/1969 TIFF PDF
Ray Guilty Plea 5-26-1969 6 5/26/1969 TIFF PDF
Court Memoranda of Findings and Facts 5 6/1/1969 TIFF PDF
Defendant's Brief Requesting a New Trial 23 7/7/1969 TIFF PDF
Petition for Certiorari - State Petition to Deny New Trial 15 7/9/1969 TIFF PDF
Petition for Writ of Ceriorari - Request for New Trial 4 10/6/1969 TIFF PDF
State Response to Writ of Certiorar 10 10/14/1969 TIFF PDF
Ray Letter Requesting Fees of Motions and Dates of Motions Filed by Counsel 1 11/22/1969 TIFF PDF
Complaint of Counsel Misusing Funds for Ray Defense 3 11/26/1969 TIFF PDF
Affidavit by Jerry Ray About Possible Book Deal 2 1969 TIFF PDF
Court Transcript about Search of Ray's Apartment in Atlanta Without a Warrant 4 1969 TIFF PDF
New Trial Motion 2 1969 TIFF PDF
Ray Guilty Plea 1969a 4 1969 TIFF PDF
Certiorari Denial-New Trial Denied 18 1/9/1970 TIFF PDF
Letter of Complaint by Ray of Not Receiving His Mail 2 1/12/1970 TIFF PDF
Personal Letter from Ray to Court about Denial of New Trial 4 1/19/1970 TIFF PDF
Letter by Ray Requesting Copy of a Filed Motion 1 4/10/1970 TIFF PDF
Petition for Post-Conviction Relief 25 4/13/1970 TIFF PDF
Amended Petition for Post-Conviction Relief 25 5/7/1970 TIFF PDF
Affidavit of Indigence by Ray 1 6/18/1970 TIFF PDF
Affidavit by Ray of Events After Capture 7 1970 TIFF PDF
Ray Letter to Criminal Court about Retaining New Counsel 1 1/21/1971 TIFF PDF
Criminal Court Clerk Letter to Court of Appeals about Additional Material 1 5/20/1971 TIFF PDF
Court Memorandum Denying Ray's Claim of Suspension of Habeas Corpus 38 2/27/1975 TIFF PDF
Cover Letter by Ray for Habeas Corpus Petition 1 7/30/1980 TIFF PDF
Letter by Ray Withdrawing Habeas Corpus Petition 1 9/9/1980 TIFF PDF
Exhibits to Petition for Post-Conviction Relief 52 9/21/1990 TIFF PDF
Civil Complaint by Ray Against Criminal Court Clerk 4 12/13/1991 TIFF PDF
Court Proceedings Ordering Testing of Rifle 17 4/16/1997 TIFF PDF
Post-Conviction Relief Preliminary Findings 11 1997 TIFF PDF

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