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Shelandra Y. Ford

Berry Brooks' Expedition Films

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Introduction to Berry Brooks' Expedition Films

Maasai Tribe Blood Drinking Ritual

0:05 Native tribesman, 1:30 Men with spears walking in village, 2:21 Women of the tribe and children, 3:20 Two tribesmen hunters standing, 4:00 Maasai Tribesmen making a drink from cattle blood, 6:09 Testing river bridge and crossing, 7:08 Berry Brooks and family lead the bearers, 7:26 The hunting party set out on the river by boat, 9:16 Mr. Brooks and bearer moving across river grass, 13:35 Mr. Brooks traveling by dugout canoe close up, 17:05 Lions feast on prey

Award Winning Big Game Hunter

1:13 Waterfall and rainbow, 3:43 Bearers with the lion kill, 4:36 Trophy kill oryx with Mr. Brooks, 5:01 Baboon, 6:11 Giraffe in the trees, 6:31 Male lion trophy kill with Mr. Brooks, 7:50 Elephant kill, 9:26 Berry Brooks, Bechuanaland, Mozambique, 1965, 11:50 Wildebeest release, 15:58 Big game in the high grass


3:24 Trees in full bloom, 11:10 Man removing dead deer from river, 16:10 Berry Brooks tiger kill being carried by natives through jungle, 28:02 Local village, 32:34 Berry Brooks water buffalo kill, 39:24 Vietnam temple, 48:29 Locals kick boxing

Lions on the African Grasslands 1

1:09 Male lion feeds on zebra, 2:49 Male lion stands guard over water buffalo kill, 8:14 Male stands near edge of the brush, 10:43 Black mane lion, 15:32 Male lion walking, 16:52 Two male lions under shade tree, 17:34 Male lion close up, 19:04 Male lion laying down, 19:20 King of beast walking across the grassland, 19:36 Male lion laying down again

Lions on the African Grasslands 2

0:07 Pride of lions, 1:15 Lions feeding, 2:14 Lionesses come to check out camera man, 4:12 Male lion in the shade of a tree, 7:24 Male lion yawns while resting in the shade of a tree, 7:43 Male lion close up, 15:57 The lion pride in the shade of a tree, 16:41 Male lion on the grasslands of Africa, 17:02 Lion cub in the shade of a tree, 23:25 Male lion runs off vultures from a kill

River Country Travel to the High Plains

0:08 Trucks crossing a river, 0:46 Mrs. Brooks next to vehicle, 1:27 The party travels by boat, 3:47 River country tribesmen fishing in their canoe, 3:59 Mr. and Mrs. Brooks with daughter Virginia traveling by river canoe, 5:00 Crude bridge crossing, 5:58 Mrs. Brooks and daughter Virginia watch boats being loaded, 8:15 Mr. Brooks and Virginia Brooks in front of sign Silverback Hotel, 11:33 Namanga River Camp Sign, 17:41 Snow capped mountain

Birds of Africa

0:27 Crowned crane, 0:49 White and black storks, 2:02 Bird in flight, 2:38 Storks working the water’s edge, 3:00 Birds in flight, 3:47 Flock of birds in flight, 4:22 Bird fishing, 4:35 Birds along river bank, 4:57 Stork, 5:08 Ostriches drinking water

Life in Africa 1

1:47 Striking camp, 2:27 Mr. and Mrs. Brooks take a break in their tent, 3:33 Mr. Brooks tuning in the short wave radio in camp, 4:06 Miss Virginia Brooks showing off an African musical instrument, 5:02 Mrs. Brooks riding down river, 9:22 Elephant tusk measuring, 12:05 Brooks family with game trophy, 15:38 Wild dog, 15:48 Wildebeest, 22:23 Termite hill

Life in Africa 2

0:05 Lizard on ground, 0:10 Chameleon, 0:26 Fishing for supper, 0:45 Catfish on the hook, 0:57 View up river, fishing with woven grasses, 1:20 Crocodiles, 2:52 Ostriches, 3:08 White herons

Oubangui Chari, African French Colony

5:10 Lion in the wild, 9:36 Water buffalo grazing, 11:20 Hyena hiding in tall grass, 16:46 Hunters with dead elephant, 20:36 Hippopotamus watering hole, 28:50 Giraffe strolling through tall grasslands, 36:53 Berry Brooks with adventurers club banner 1962

On the Grass Plains of Africa

0:05 Trucks on the move, 1:30 Wildebeest and zebra, 2:00 The great African plains, 2:15 Base camp, 3:26 The Brooks at breakfast are joined by their guide, 3:39 Cheetah, 4:04 Butterflies go wild, 5:57 Traveling up the stream bed, 12:12 Ostrich, 15:52 Lion close up

Nigerian Desert Safari

2:47 Fada, Nigeria, 5:33 Camels loaded with Berry Brooks luggage, 10:14 Natives opening water pouch, 13:10 Petroglyphs and rock art, 19:13 Berry Brooks displaying ram head, 31:26 Tortoise vs man race, 35:55 Elephants in the wild

British Columbia

0:12 British Columbia horseback expedition, 1:16 Black bear roaming through woods, 1:58 Beginning Mile "0" The Alaska Highway, 5:21 Summit lake, highest point on the highway, 13:36 Moose killing, 14:47 Processing kill, 20:12 Displaying antlers, 24:48 Snow capped mountains, 26:03 Medicine lake

British Honduras

7:01 Loading dogs into truck for hunt, 9:54 Parrot sitting in tree, 10:13 Iguana roaming in the wild, 17:27 Bailey Avenue Church Of God, 21:30 Hunter showing off with lemur, 27:00 Chicken roaming around campsite, 27:06 Jeep stuck in mud

Puerto Rico

0:05 Landing in Puerto Rico, 1:10 Balcony view overlooking beach, 3:49 Lounging at the pool, 4:47 Sailboat at sea, 5:29 Harbor view, 6:13 Banana crop, 8:08 Underwater diving

Photo Collage

0:05 Berry Brooks and rhino, 1:25 Herd of giraffes, 2:45 Virginia Brooks sitting in between elephant tusks, 3:05 Virginia Brooks sticking her tongue out for the camera, 4:10 Herd of zebras

Cotton: Natures Wonder Fiber

0:19 World praises different languages, 2:30 Cotton growing and blooming, 6:06 What a cotton bole consists of, 9:49 The Boll Weevil, 10:02 Crop dusting plane in a cotton field, 15:15 Cotton loom, 17:39 Knitting machines, 21:59 Chemists working on altering the properties of cotton

Kalahari Desert

1:13 Berry Brooks approaching gazelle kill, 1:48 Removing antlers from gazelle, 2:02 Boiling gazelle antlers, 6:26 A flock of flamingos, 12:20 Zebra's gathering at waterhole, 12:57 Vultures at the remains of a kill, 14:22 Rhinoceros staring at cameraman

Snowfall at Epping Forest Manor

1:39 Peacock on patio and in snow, 3:52 House covered with snowfall, 8:30 Fence drowning in snow, 11:43 Ice covered tree limbs, 13:45 Pasture with cows in snowfall

Hunting mountain lion in Gunlock, Utah

1:16 Mountain lion in the wild, 7:58 Scene of the mountains, 11:15 Dogs kill mountain lion shot from a tree, 16:02 Mountain lion shot by hunter with rifle, 19:42 Dogs track a mountain lion in the wild, 22:15 Mountain lion cornered in a tree by dogs, 23:41 Mountain lion shot from the top of tree and is killed by dogs

A B C Safari

0:52 Street view of temples, 3:25 Close up of waterfall, 5:00 Rainbow over the waterfall, 7:39 Giraffe in the wild, 22:18 Cheetah in the wild, 26:47 Elephant in the wild, 37:55 One lion steals food from another lion

Burnt Timber Creek

9:47 black bear in the wild, 17:03 Brooks holds the skull of a dead animal next to a hide, 19:23 Man shoes a horse, 24:14 fishing by a big river, 33:37 Brooks poses with a bighorn sheep, 34:47 a snowy day, 36:33 Wild horses

Far Flung Flights

2:27 Bridge from the street, 6:26 View of cathedral, 13:39 Roman coliseum, 15:04 Religious paintings on building, 17:52 Roman or Greek pillars, 18:25 Ground level of coliseum, 18:43 Man dancing with bear, 25:11 Egyptian statues, 25:28 Egyptian pyramids at Giza, 26:22 Sphinx

Independence Rock Wyoming

6:43 Berry Brooks holds a snake, 8:27 Animals running across desert, 11:20 Throng of animals gather before running off together, 15:28 Independence Rock sign and view, 17:10 Pony express route sign post, 17:18 Unmarked graves of pioneer women, 32:17 Berry Brooks standing over a shot deer

Tiger Trails

6:05 Berry Brooks in traffic behind cows, 8:33 Kids attend an outdoor school, 21:13 Two cows or bulls fighting, 33:57 Berry Brooks poses with animal he killed, 35:17 Tiger eats chained animal, 46:17 Elephants bathe, 56:00 Hunters track tiger by its paw print, 1:02:08 Berry Brooks examines the tiger he killed, 1:04:23 Berry Brooks celebrates with locals at a dinner

A B C Safari Cuts

0:05 Temple view from the lake, 1:57 View of waterfall from the ground level, 2:28 Rainbow over the waterfall, 3:53 Interaction with the locals, 4:44 Giraffe in the wild, 9:20 Lion lays next to dead animal, 10:40 Buffalo running in the wild, 12:23 Cheetah preparing to run, 13:53 Animals gathering, 14:34 Elephant in the wild

African Expedition

0:15 Barry Brooks kneels over dead lion, 1:33 Brooks kneels over another dead animal, 6:21 Giraffe walking, 8:36 Barry brooks stands over another dead animal, 11:04 Two animals fighting, 12:12 Brooks examines dead ostrich, 18:44 Lions running, 21:43 Barry Brooks and African tribe stand over dead elephant, 22:11 African tribe begins to remove the skin of elephant


1:20 Flight path Memphis to Nairobi, Kenya, 10:13 Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, 16:13 Family of lions eats animal, 17:37 Large pack of lions eat captured prey, 25:06 Man shoots arrow into animal to draw blood, 26:11 Woman drinks animal blood, 31:21 Hippos in the water, 35:21 Savanna sunset, 36:28 Tribe dances as part of ritual

Exotic India 1

1:55 Outdoor laundry facility, 11:04 Elaborate temples, 12:25 Jewelry and head dresses, 32:14 Tiger eating chained cow, 35:09 Mongoose attacks cobra, 38:09 Spiked gate door of Indian castle, 42:25 Temple built into mountain

Exotic India 2

0:05 Brooks rides an elephant, 5:46 Shot of city or temple on water, 7:47 Locals training bears, 12:08 Taj Mahal in Agra, India, 16:52 Woman carries basket of jars on her head, 17:07 Old woman making bricks, 18:47 Separate wheat from chaff, 19:22 Berry Brooks rides a bike taxi, 21:30 Locals bathing at the water front, 29:27 A man and boy blowing large horns, 30:39 Taxi ride through the harbor

Sudan and Central Africa

7:53 Boats on river at sunset, 8:17 Brooks next to statue, 8:49 Waterfalls and rainbows, 10:39 Brooks in front of sign for Sudan, 13:17 Tribesmen battling crocodile, 16:21 Brooks at the equator, 27:24 Man shooting arrows into safari hat

Wood River Alaska

1:18 View of Alaska from airplane, 6:46 Berry Brooks surveys the landscape, 7:16 Moose in the wild, 13:15 Berry Brooks poses with moose antlers, 14:01 Hunting party on horseback crosses Alaskan river, 21:40 Snow scenery of mountains, 23:11 Rams in the wild, 25:24 Wild rams gathering, 28:33 Berry Brooks inspects ram horns, 31:12 Alaskan landscape by river, 34:31 Berry Brooks inspects dead moose

Africa Cut Scenes

2:28 Giraffes gather, 4:40 Buffalo gather, 5:10 Scavenger birds fly away from animal corpse, 5:14 Lion cubs running, 9:05 Group of hippopotamus in the wild, 9:53 Warthogs in the wild, 10:17 Giraffes running, 11:15 Buffalo running together, 11:40 Buffalo stampede, 13:28 lion steals food from another lion, 17:41 Giant elephant in the wild

Hawaiian Paradise

3:19 Boats setting sail, 4:02 Surfing on waves, 8:00 Pineapples being collected, 9:15 Pineapples being processed, 18:29 Prince Kumio's birthplace, 26:03 Shot of the ocean from the shore, 28:58 Large group helps pull in fishing net from the ocean, 29:56 Heat stones being placed inside animal being roasted, 30:48 People gather at giant feast, 35:37 Walking through field of flowers, 43:27 Volcano and lava, 54:23 Locals playing music and dancing, 1:04:00 Close up shot of Volcano spewing lava

Western Holiday

2:58 River running through the forest, 5:15 Man standing on top of home, 5:38 Wide view of ravine, 9:39 Close up view of forest, 10:48 Carved boulders on the edge of plateau, 12:10 Looking down at ground from the top of plateau, 16:35 Two horses on a seesaw, 17:01 Man riding horse, 19:10 Horse being trained to walk across beam

1957 Cotton Carnival King

0:24 Drummers marching down street, 0:34 Narration on cotton carnival, 2:26 Bales of cotton being made, 3:47 Story of cotton being told, 6:31 Southwestern at Memphis, 7:55 Narration on who is Berry Brooks, 9:08 Berry Brooks interview at African hall exhibit, 14:30 Berry Brooks talks about the length of his hunting trip, 20:17 Berry Brooks interview at house starts, 23:15 Walking through Berry Brooks house

Ball Lake Lodge Ontario

6:12 Berry Brooks showing off daily catch, 8:45 Bear roaming in the wild, 9:21 Berry Brooks posing with trophy kill bear, 10:00 River view from a plane, 12:39 Dog playing with bear cub, 16:36 Frying fish by the river, 21:39 Moose running out of the river, 23:56 Plane taking off from river

Caribbean Cruise

0:23 Ocean front view from pool, 4:37 Fishing boat speeding on water, 6:43 Fisherman struggling to reel in sword fish, 7:25 Fishermen posing with sword fish, 8:28 Berry brooks walking up from shore, 9:12 View of the harbor, 9:48 Boat arriving at dock


0:05 Polo match in progress, 1:37 Awards ceremony, 3:48 View of castle, 5:59 Close up of a giant cross, 7:47 Team of rowers practicing, 8:49 Rowing match in progress, 11:28 Locals walking through busy street