Below is the general fee schedule for the Register of Deeds.  More specific information regarding fees can be found in the Tennessee Code Annotated.  See also, Filing Guidelines, which also has a Filing Calculator.


Most Documents** (see exceptions below) :
Warranty Deeds, Trust Deeds, Quit-Claim Deeds, Power of Attorney and others
Up to 2 pages $12.00
Additional pages–each $5.00
Assignments–1 instrument number, up to 2 pages $12.00
Assignments–Additional instrument numbers–each $5.00
Additional pages–each $5.00
Releases– 1 instrument number up to 2 pages $12.00
Releases– Additional instrument numbers–each $5.00
Additional pages–each $5.00
UCC/Fixture Filings/Financing Statement**
Original Filing with 1 debtor (not to exceed 10 pages) $15.00
UCC Amendments/Continuations/Terminations with 1 debtor (not to exceed 10 pgs) $15.00
Additional pages above 10 (per page) $0.50
Each Additional Debtor on any of the above $15.00
UCC Containing Assignment $30.00
Business Organizational Documents**
Articles of Organization/ Termination/Charters/Name Changes and other documents–Must first be filed with Secretary of State (not to exceed 5 pages) $7.00
Additional Pages above 5 $0.50
Plat Maps** $17
Tax Computation
Property Transfer Tax
Mortgage Tax (First $2,000) is exempt) .115 per $100
**Add an additional fee to each taxable document
Certified Copies $1.00 per page


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