Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is your mailing address?
1075 Mullins Station, Suite W165 Memphis, TN 38134

2. What are your hours of operation?
The office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

3. How can I obtain a copy of my deed?
Many documents recorded may be viewed and copied from this website at no charge as a courtesy from the Register. Documents that are not available may be obtained by visiting the Register’s office in person or by sending a written request by mail. Requests received by mail will require the names of buyers and sellers (if seller known), date of sale, and the address of subject party. Copies made at the Register’s office will be .05 per page, excluding plats, which are $1.50 per page.

4. Can the Register’s office tell me if there are any liens recorded on my property?
No. The Register’s office cannot perform a title search, which is the necessary step to take to determine if there is a lien against a particular parcel of land. You may contact a title company or an attorney to provide this service for you. However, the records of the Register’s office are open to the public and are accessible via this website or by visiting our office at the location above.

5. What methods of payment does the Register accept?
The Register’s office will accept cash, cashier’s check, money order or business check.

6. What is the Register’s Public Records Policy?
Public Records Policy for Register of Deeds of Shelby County, Tennessee

7. Can the Register of Deeds speak to my civic group or church organization?
Yes. Please visit our contact information link at this website or call the Register of Deeds at 222-8100.

8. Can the Register’s office provide a survey showing the boundary lines of my property?
No. The Register’s office records plats of subdivisions showing all lots in a development.

9. Can I find bankruptcies, divorces and other court documents in the Register’s office?
Bankruptcies, divorces and other court documents are recorded and indexed as court decrees. However, not all court documents are filed with the Register’s office. This will vary according to requirements within a court decree or an individual’s personal choice.

10. Is there a fee for recording documents?
Yes, for calculations of fees please visit our filing calculator on this website.

11. Can the Register of Deeds prepare or help prepare a deed?
No. A deed is a legal document establishing property ownership. The State of Tennessee prohibits the Register of Deeds and his staff from practicing law. Therefore, we are not permitted to alter a deed, to prepare or revise a deed; we suggest you consult an attorney.

12. How do I obtain a refund for overpayment of Realty Transfer and Mortgage Tax?
The State Department of Revenue is the only authorized agency which can refund an overpayment of. To request a refund you will need to include the following items:

Copies of the instruments filed.
Receipt’s showing taxes paid on the instruments filed.
A brief statement as to the basis for the refund.
A completed Claim of Refund Form.
For any refund in excess of $200 a completed Report of Debt form is required.

The request should be mailed to the State Department of Revenue at the following address:

State of Tennessee
Department of Revenue
Andrew Jackson State Office Bldg
500 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37242

If you need further assistance please call 615-741-0443.

Claim for Refund

Report of Debts