Caution: The forms below are published as templates only. The forms may affect your property rights. They are not meant to be used without the advice of a professional.

Provided below are several frequently used forms in both Word format as well as Adobe Acrobat format. We have provided these to make it easy for you to download and print out the type of document that you require. Please use the provided links below to download the format of the form that you need.

If you need to get the free Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF files, click on the logo to download it. 

Affidavit as to Heirs: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Certification of Electronic Document: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Claim for Refund Department of Revenue:Acrobat PDF

Deed of Trust: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Military Discharge Request: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Promissory Note: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Quit Claim Deed: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Report of Debts Department of Revenue: Acrobat PDF

Social Security Redactions: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Trust Deed Release: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Warranty Deed: Word Document | Acrobat PDF

Ethic Forms: Maintained by the Shelby County Attorney

Annual Lobbying Expenditure Report for Lobbyists

Certificate of Annual Training Form

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Disclosure of Interests Statement

Disclosure of Interests Statement – For Volunteer Board Members of Not-For-Profit Corporations

Gratuity Disclosure Form

Lobbyist Registration Form

Sworn Complaint Form