Ms. Shelandra Y. Ford

Ms. Shelandra Y. Ford

Shelby County Register of Deeds, Shelandra Ford was elected in August 2018 after winning two competitive elections. She is the first elected African-American and first female elected to this position. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management and Organizational Development from Bethel College. A novice in politics, she defeated a well-known county politician. Hard work and due diligence did not dissuade her from accepting the challenge and defeating her competition. As a proud Memphis native, Ms. Ford has previously served in various Shelby County government offices for over 20 years. She’s worked in the Health Department, Juvenile Court and General Sessions Criminal and Civil Divisions. Most recently, she worked in the Shelby County General Sessions Courts as a Principal Court Clerk.

She currently serves on various committees, including; Shelby County Archives Committee, Shelby County Historical Committee, Public Records Commission where she previously served as Chairperson, Information Technology (IT) Steering Committee, West Tennessee Register’s Board where she serves as Secretary, member of the Tennessee Association of Registers and an active participant on the County Officials Association of Tennessee (COAT). She is currently a member of the Shelby County Retirement Board Committee and has previously served on the Shelby County Government’s Unified Personnel Policy Committee. Since taking office, Register Ford has saved taxpayers over $100,000 in contractual services. She reorganized the office to improve operational efficiencies. Currently, she is upgrading internal and external software systems, making the office more efficient and more user friendly. During the first 5 months of FY21, the Shelby County Registers Office has collected nearly $2.8 Million, over 68% of its budgeted revenue.

What Your Register Does

The Register of Deeds is Shelby County’s elected record keeper involving tax liens (State & Federal), property titles, mortgages, bankruptcy documents, marriage settlements, contracts, powers of attorney, real estate conveyances, armed forces discharges & various affidavits. The Register also manages the Shelby County Archives which preserves the history of our county and provides a valuable resource to members of the community researching the past. The Shelby County Registers Office is a fee-based operation and is not generated by taxpayer dollars.

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